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Cleaning Services

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What do we do?

Our cleaning service for common areas and hotel rooms, for all kinds of large and small buildings and businesses, covers various areas based on each client’s needs. We offer customized services that cater to the specialties of your spaces, with the best prices on the market.

Cleaning requires different techniques, as well as the use of specific cleaning materials and products for each type of space.

We provide regular and systematic cleaning and maintenance of rooms and common areas in hotels, such as corridors, toilets, garages, gardens, courtyards, terraces, facades and any other element or area that requires specialized attention.

At We Resolve, we specialize in hotel cleaning, construction cleaning, and commercial zone cleaning, providing quality service delivered by professionals who are experienced in these types of tasks.

We carry out our work without interfering with the routine of customers and the activities that take place at the locations where we provide our services.


¿A quién va dirigido?


Our common area cleaning services are primarily targeted towards

  • Hotels
  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential complexes
  • Large retail spaces
  • Small Businesses
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What does the service consist of?


Do you want a general cleaning of the common areas in your hotel? Are you in need of a room cleaning service? Have you just completed a construction project and need a thorough cleaning? We Resolve offers a variety of cleaning services, providing professional service at highly competitive prices.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality common area cleaning services at the best prices on the market.

We provide customized cleaning services for each type of building. Based on the needs, we evaluate the machinery and products for cleaning, the techniques and cleaning processes to be used, the time required for a thorough cleaning, and the professionals who will be involved. All of this is planned according to a detailed budget.

What makes us different from the rest?


At We Resolve, we offer highly competitive prices. Request a detailed quote for the cleaning of the common areas of your facilities, and trust in our experience and the training of our professionals who perform the service.


Avda. Ramón y Cajal 21. Edf. Berrocal,
PTL.1, 3ºA
29602 Marbella (Málaga)


TEL:  +34  952 868 696
  TEL:  +34  669 78 06 71  
 FAX:  +34  952 920 010


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