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Compliance services

mantenimiento en hoteles y edificios
What do we do?

All buildings have various facilities such as electrical systems, gas tanks, thermal equipment, elevators, and more, which may pose a potential risk of accidents. Regular inspections are necessary to ensure that these facilities are safe and efficient at all times.

Therefore, there are regulations and rules that require the maintenance of these facilities, their periodic review, and inspection by specialized technicians from certified companies authorized to perform this type of maintenance.

Non-compliance with maintenance obligations, periodic reviews and legally mandatory inspections can result in administrative sanctions, lack of coverage in the event of an accident, and even criminal and civil liability in case of negligence.

We can say that compliance services is preventive maintenance that includes those actions necessary to comply with regulatory or regulatory specifications.At We Resolve, we guarantee the performance of compliance services of facilities by following the legal requirements that apply to our clients’ facilities and issuing legally required certificates after each periodic review and inspection.


To whom is it directed?


Our compliance services are primarily aimed at

  • hotels
  • industrial buildings
  • residential buildings
  • large retail spaces
  • small businesses
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Mantenimiento de hoteles y edificios

What does the service include?


Our compliance services covers regulatory inspections and mandatory maintenance tasks that comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

With our legal technical maintenance service, we aim to reduce the risk of damage to facilities and prevent harm to people and the environment.

The needs for compliance services can vary greatly from one facility to another and require regular monitoring and legal reviews to control any loss of effectiveness due to continued use.

Through the issuance of legally required certificates, we ensure the lifespan of equipment and facilities and the compliance of legal technical maintenance with current regulations.

We have over 25 years of experience in the sector, which supports us in delivering high-quality legal technical maintenance services for facilities.

What makes us different from the rest?


We perform our work with our own personnel without external intermediaries in maintenance management. No external subcontractors are involved.

In addition, the management of the compliance service is carried out through a CMMS solution. The advantages of this tool:

  • digitization of all documents
  • improvement of processes
  • cost savings and quality of our services

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