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Energy Management of Facilities

Eficiencia Energética en Hoteles
What do we do?

At We Resolve, we guarantee efficient energy management for your facilities. Our goal is to optimize your energy resources by minimizing consumption and costs, thereby increasing your company’s profitability.

We help businesses become more competitive through energy management, which includes:

  • Studying the facilities to quantify the energy needs of each organization.
  • Analyzing the offerings in the electricity, water, and gas markets and negotiating the most cost-effective tariffs with the suppliers.
  • Installing software that enables real-time monitoring of your energy consumption.
  • Providing advice on adopting measures to improve the energy management of the building, leading to reduced consumption and economic savings on electricity, water, and gas bills.
  • Providing guidance on adopting solutions for energy loss issues.

To whom is it directed?


Our energy management services are especially targeted to

  • hotels
  • industrial buildings
  • large facilities
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What does the service consist of?


We Resolve is your strategic partner in facility energy management. We are involved in the entire energy efficiency process to ensure optimal performance of your facilities. Additionally, we secure the best energy rates tailored to your needs and propose measures to achieve your company’s energy-saving objectives.

In essence, our comprehensive energy management service includes studying the facilities to understand their energy needs, negotiating with energy suppliers to find the most cost-effective option, and providing advice on corrective actions that should be taken to reduce energy expenditure across different energy sources.

What makes us different from the rest?


At We Resolve, we have an exclusive department dedicated to comprehensive energy management, specializing in hotels.


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