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Legionella Prevention

prevención legionella
What do we do?

We specialize in the prevention and control of Legionnaires’ disease, an illness caused by a highly resistant bacteria found in surface waters such as lakes or ponds. 

Through the water supply and distribution systems in major cities, this bacteria can reach our facilities, including hot water systems, heated water systems, cooling towers, ornamental fountains, jacuzzis, tanks, water systems for human consumption such as pipes, irrigation systems, and fire protection systems, among others.

We Resolve offers our clients a service for monitoring this bacteria, which includes regular maintenance, cleaning, and disinfection of hot water systems, cooling equipment, tanks, or water circuits in large buildings such as hotels or industrial facilities. We also provide the necessary analytics indicated in RD 487/2022 for Legionnaires’ disease prevention and control, along with issuing the required certificates as mandated by law.


¿A quién va dirigido?


Our Legionella prevention services are primarily targeted towards

  • Hotels
  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential complexes
  • Large retail spaces
  • Small Businesses
experto en prevención de legionella
control y prevención de la legionella

What does the service consist of?


At We Resolve, we specialize in designing Legionnaires’ disease prevention and control plans. Our Legionella control service encompasses all the necessary actions, including cleanings, disinfection, and analytics indicated in RD 487/2022, along with issuing the required certificates. These actions include:

  • Initial diagnosis and detailed description of the installation (technical and operational data, design and location, and a labeled plan or diagram).
  • Maintenance and inspection program for installations and equipment, water treatment, water sampling and analysis, and personnel training.

Periodic documentation and records of inspections, including the update of evaluation results.

What makes us different from the rest?


At We Resolve, we offer highly competitive prices. Request a detailed quote for Legionella control and prevention and rely on our expertise and the qualifications of our professionals.


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