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Lifeguard and Surveillance Services

servicio socorristas piscinas

What do we do?


At We Resolve, we offer lifeguard and surveillance services for pools through experienced and professional personnel.

We understand the importance of safety, surveillance, and lifeguard services in hotels and buildings with pools.

Our specialized and professional staff in lifeguarding and pool surveillance ensures accident prevention and works to create a safe and trustworthy environment in the pools where they operate.

Hiring our pool control and surveillance service means having the commitment of We Resolve and our team of professionals who specialize in ensuring the safety and confidence of pool users in the facilities where we work.If you need to contact a specialized company providing lifeguard and surveillance services for pools, don’t hesitate to get in touch with We Resolve.


To whom is it directed?


Our lifeguard and surveillance services for pools are primarily aimed to

  • Hotels
  • Buildings with pools that need to comply with current regulations
socorrismo piscina hotel
socorrista hotel

What does the service consist of?


Lifeguard and surveillance services for pools in hotels and residential communities are essential. Although there is no nationwide legislation on this matter, many people believe that hiring these services is not mandatory.

Each Autonomous Community has specific regulations. Generally, the hiring of lifeguard and surveillance services, meaning the hiring of a lifeguard, depends on the size of the pool.

In some regions such as Andalusia, Catalonia, or the Valencian Community, it is mandatory to hire a lifeguard for pools larger than 200 square meters. In Murcia, the requirement is for pools larger than 250 square meters, and in Madrid, it is for pools larger than 500 square meters.

Lifeguard and surveillance services ensure peace of mind and safety for pool users. It is not only legally advisable, but also generates trust among our clients to have these services in place.

What makes us different from the rest?


At We Resolve, we offer highly competitive prices. Request a detailed quote for our lifeguard and surveillance services for pools and trust in our experience and the expertise of our professional staff with extensive experience.


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