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Self-Control Pools

servicio de autocontrol de piscinas
What do we do?

With our SILOE Self-Control Pools software, we enable our clients to efficiently manage their pools, resulting in cost and time savings. This comprehensive solution measures parameters and automatically sends data and information.

At We Resolve, we offer the best software for pool parameter measurement with automatic data transmission and reporting to SILOE.

We Resolve provides our clients with the best pool technology. Discover the advantages of having this tool!

The Self-Control Pools software we offer at We Resolve is specifically designed to simplify compliance with the requirements of RD 742/2013.

Automate the management of parameter measurement for your pool with this new solution.


¿A quién va dirigido?


Our Self-Control Pools services are primarily aimed to:

  • Hotels
  • Buildings with pools that require lifeguard services
autocontrol piscinas
autocontrol piscinas

What does the service consist of?


The Royal Decree 742/2013, which establishes the basic health criteria that every pool must meet, regulates the obligation of pool owners to have a Self-Control Protocol for swimming pools.

This protocol should include:

  • Water treatment for each basin.
  • Water control.
  • Pool maintenance.
  • Cleaning and disinfection.
  • Safety and good practices.
  • Pest control plan.
  • Supplier and service management.

As a provider of these Self-Control Pools services, We Resolve offers the activities covered in this protocol through the best cutting-edge technology currently available in the market to ensure compliance with pool health regulations.

What makes us different from the rest?


At We Resolve, we offer automated parameter measurement and report management with the SILOE Self-Control Pools software.


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