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Reopening Successful Hotel

Reopening Successful Hotel

With the growing rise in interest and desire to travel again, and the time that many hotels have been closed due to the pandemic, you need to make sure that your hotel is fully ready.

This will be possible with facilities that provide security and comfort to each guest, that show the hard work behind to meet their needs and that once they leave they are willing to return.

Here are some tips on facilities, so you can rest assured that reopening your hotel will be a real success:


  • Corrective Maintenance: Perform all tasks so that the equipment and systems are in good condition and operation, with clean and orderly areas to avoid accidents. For this, it is necessary to train maintenance personnel in these tasks and maintain good communication with suppliers in case any problem arises.
  • Legal Technical Maintenance: Equipment registered and complying with current legal regulations, correctly marked, protected against theft, insured against damage and complying with current safety regulations.

Making the set-up of all the facilities will involve a cost, especially if a multitude of corrections must be made to have had the facilities suspended for a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to follow a preventive maintenance plan that avoids breakdowns and high-cost repairs.

Here are the benefits of carrying out preventive maintenance on your hotel:


  • Decrease in Repair Costs: since corrective maintenance will decrease and the cost or unforeseen expenses will do so with them.
  • Prevention of Faults: the scheduling of revisions and good maintenance will prevent our equipment from ceasing to function properly or stop working completely.
  • Greater Efficiency: Well-maintained and maintained equipment will work more efficiently, which translates into energy savings and better performance.
  • Safety: Will help detect and correct any problems before an accident occurs.
  • Longer Service Life: which will allow us to save costs in the long term.
  • Lower Time of Inactivity: which translates into an increase in productivity.

But not all hotels have their own maintenance team that can carry out these preventive, technical legal or corrective maintenance. So, there are companies that will make the organs of your hotel fully operational throughout the year; so you can open your hotel at the time you want.

We Resolve can collaborate in your well-being and that of your company, so you should not hesitate to call us or contact us through the web or our email for more information.